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Specialist tree stump removal is what we strive for at Al’s Tree Service. Stump grinding involves turning a tree stump into the pulp. Stumps present certain risks to other trees if they are just left to rot on their own. Fungi can thrive on a rotting stump and this fungus often moves onto live trees.

Tree stumps also stand in the way of other plants thriving in their place. The remaining soil is ready to use for other purposes once they go through the grinding process.  Stump grinding will need to be a bit deeper when no plans exist to use the area.

The size of the tree stump will determine the cost of professional service. In addition, if there is more than one stump, the price of grinding will be higher than for a single stump. Whatever reason you need for tree stump removal call us today. We will send someone out to further analyze the job and provide you with a free quote for our service.

Our stump grinders are on tracks so they don’t leave deep ruts in your landscape like the older models that have tires. Self-propelled with a remote and everything!

When our customers decide to have a tree removal it is more than likely they want the stump ground at the same time. The tree removal crew always travels with a stump grinder and we won’t make you wait weeks after that tree is removed to grind the stump.

Believe it or not most dirt and wood chips from the stump grinding are beneficial to your landscape. Feel free to use it around the perimeters of your yard or as mulch around other developing trees. The nutrients in the stump chips will help feed your landscape and save you some money in the long run.

When it comes to stump grinding and tree removal around Buffalo, NY we are the ones to call. Call now for a FREE estimate.