Seasoned Firewood

seasoned firewood buffalo ny

Have you ever purchased firewood before and have it not burn as well as the time before? Most of the time this has to do with whether it was seasoned or not.

What is seasoned firewood? Seasoned firewood is an industry term to describe wood that has been cut down, split into firewood size pieces and left to dry in the elements for around a year.

After a tree has been removed, it continues to hold water in it’s vessels for quite a while. It’s important when you purchase firewood, that it is properly seasoned. When you go to burn it you’re not left cold and frustrated on why it won’t catch fire.

The term “green wood” is another term to describe unseasoned firewood. If it is still “green” that means it wasn’t cut long ago and will be next to impossible to burn in your fireplace. Most “seasoned” wood burners have learned this (hopefully not the hard way.) People new to wood burning should know this ahead of time.

In this area of Buffalo our tree service has firewood production due to the high amount of tree removal. With plenty of time to season, you don’t have to worry about freezing during these long cold winter months.

We even have a special on face cords of firewood picked up for only $75 which is hard to beat around town.

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