Al's Tree Service


Sawmill – Lumber Mill – Hardwood and Softwood


Let our sawmill service turn your cut-down trees into usable lumber for you. What better way to recycle your trees after removal than to make some useful items from them. Whether you have pine or hardwoods, this service will work for your needs.

You can even choose for us to leave a bark edge on it in case this works into your plans for the lumber. Various thicknesses of lumber are cut depending on the diameter of the cut trees. Just think of the mantles, pieces of furniture, or other useful items you will make from trees that come from your own property. Get the most out of your tree removal.

You can only burn logs in your fireplace when they have aged and are no longer green. This takes time and you have to wait to use the logs when that is how you choose to use the wood from cut trees. It will take you more time to use up this firewood.

However, when lumber is cut using our sawmill service, you can use most types of wood immediately for your projects. Then you can step back and admire your handy work! Call us today, so we can explain the cost of our service.

We provide various types of lumber at our place of business at 650 Two Mile Creek Rd. All different lengths of hard and soft woods. Rough cut and smooth, the varieties are broad. Why buy expensive lumber at the big stores when you can get it a cheaper price from your local tree trimming and removal service.