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Deep Fertilizing

deep root fertilzing

Deep Root Tree Fertilization

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of plant health care is fertilization so deep root tree fertilization is what trees need. This is very different than the fertilizing a lawn care individual offers, a stainless steel probe is inserted into the ground at the correct depth to apply liquid-based carefully blended tree nutrients to the surrounding feeding roots.

Depending on the time of the year, it binds to the soil and stays in the target area to continually nourish your trees.Save

The process of deep root tree fertilization is a simple one. It involves injecting nutrients into the soil down at the level of the roots of the trees, instead of just placing the nutrients on the surface of the soil. On the surface, these nutrients could be too much for grass and burn your precious landscape.

Additionally, by placing the nutrients directly at the root level, the trees absorb the micro and macro-nutrients optimally.  This method of application is also great for shrubs. Developing roots of both trees and shrubs will become as healthy as they can be.

The other benefit of this process is that it aerates the soil. This keeps the soil from becoming compacted around the roots which would make for a  difficult time growing. Al’s is more than just a tree trimming and removal service.

Actual before and after tree picture in Tonawanda, NY of results


Deep root tree fertilization is recommended to be done at least once each year. You may need it done more often if there are other imbalances present in the soil. Check today to see what it can do for your trees and always feel free to call us for a complete evaluation of your problem.

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