Bulk Firewood Buffalo, NY

There is nothing better than our seasoned bulk firewood to enjoy a toasty warm fire on a cold winter’s night to warm up the room. It is also fun to make campfires when camping where it is allowed. However, you cannot do this unless you first pick up some local firewood. This is the fuel for your enjoyable fires no matter where you have them.

What better place to turn for firewood than a tree service company. We deal with trees all day long and provide you the best in local firewood. It is seasoned just right to burn in your fireplace or campfire.

We will supply you and our other customers with local firewood all winter long. Why go looking other places? There is nothing worse than trying to start a fire with green, damp unseasoned wood. Contact us today to tell us what your need for wood and to see how we can help you build your next fire. We have been keeping Buffalo warm for over 30 years let us supply you

Remember not to transport your firewood more than 50 miles in New York State. For more on this please click here.



Cost: $75

Face cord picked up. Prices subject to change

      For local delivery please call our office at 692-7041