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Green Plant

Soil Types for Plants and Trees

The soil is an essential part of any garden. It is where the plants and  are cultivated, and if the soil is of a good quality, the plants that grow there are evidently good as well. While one can’t find the perfect soil for the perfect garden all of the time, combining different types of
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Tree Restoration After a Storm

It may not seem possible, but even after a major storm or hurricane with high winds, many trees can actually be restored. As long as the major limbs are still intact, as well as the trunk and roots, and there is no decaying wood, the tree has a high possibility of surviving. The strong winds
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Flowers around tree

Landscaping Around Your Trees

Most homes have a few trees in the yard. Since they provide shade when it is too hot outside, it is only right that you landscape around the trees to make part of the beautiful scenery. The first thing you have to do is get in touch with arborist, a tree care service or even
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