Wind Damage to Trees

wind tree

Wind damage to our trees can be quite the concern around Buffalo, NY. This Wind plays an important role in a trees development among other things that is. Ordinary wind constantly causes stress to a trees development and to cope with this a tree creates stress wood also know as reaction wood.

Without being able to produce stress wood, most trees would break apart at the first sign of inclement weather. Think of it like developing callouses on your hands from working outside or in the garden perhaps. Western NY is prone to getting some higher winds than we are normally accustomed to. Times like this can pose serious risk for our trees.

If wind becomes high enough for too long it can increase the load on a trees branches or even down to its base. If there is any rot inside a large tree branch or a larger amount at the trunk this can cause some trouble.

There are plenty of things you can do to help ease your mind however. First when you are in your yard don’t hesitate to give your trees a good looking over for anything obvious. Large dark spots that don’t appear normal can be a sign of decay. Fractured branches or even completely detached branches (widowmakers) can be seen hanging in a larger tree.

When things like this occur it is important to have an Arborist look over your trees. This will prove to make sure everything appears healthy with your estate. High winds can prove to spell disaster at times when these signs go unnoticed.

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