Tree Stump Removal - Stump Grinding

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Stump grinding involves turning image upload xxia tree stump into the pulp. Stumps present certain risks to other trees, if they are just left to rot on their own. Fungus can thrive on a rotting stump and this fungus often moves onto live trees and cause them to have problems growing.

Stumps also stand in the way of other plants thriving in their place. The remaining soil is ready to use for other purposes, once they go through the grinding process. However, the stump grinding will need to be a bit deeper than when no plans exist to use the area.

The size of the tree stump will determine the cost of professional service. In addition, if there is more than one stump, the price of grinding will be higher than for a single stump. Whatever reason you need to remove your stumps, call us today. We will send someone out to further analyze the job and provide you with a quote for our service.