Deep Root Fertilizing

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Deep Root Tree FertilizationThe process of deep root fertilization is a simple one. It involves injecting certain nutrients into the soil down at the level of the roots of the trees instead of just placing the nutrients on the surface of the soil. On the surface, these nutrients could be too much for grass to handle, and they could turn the grass brown in spots.

In addition, by placing the nutrient directly at root level, the trees more quickly absorb the nourishment. This process is also idea for shrubs. It will help the roots of both trees and shrubs become as healthy as they need to be.

The other benefit of this process is that it aerates the soil. This keeps the soil from becoming compacted around the roots to where the roots have a difficult time growing.

This process of deep root fertilization needs to be done at least once or twice each year. You may need it more, if there are other problems present in the soil. Check into today to see what it can do for your trees. Call us for a complete evaluation of your problem.