Deep Root Fertilization

DDeep root fertilizingeep root tree fertilization is one of the most important aspects of keeping trees healthy around Buffalo, NY.  As we approach the autumn months around Western New York, we are reminded that our trees are done putting on new growth for the season. They are getting ready for another cold winter.

Less nitrogen is used in the fall and more potassium and phosphorous blends are added to our fertilizer come fall. Doing this promotea better root development to keep our trees happy and healthy.

Our regular customers who have been keeping deep root fertilizing their trees have noticed healthier trees. Healthy trees include a fuller crown, less dead wood, and stronger root development.

Fertilizing your trees is a valuable investment to your estate and should be considered if you want to protect your valuable investment. Trees around Buffalo really get to experience quite a dramatic change in harsh weather through out the entire year. Along with routine trimming when it’s necessary, deep root feeding can be one of the most important yet overlooked aspect of tree care through out WNY.

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