3 Things We Do That Harm Our Trees in Winter

Sure there are more than 3 things that can harm our trees in the winter, however these following tips may help you or someones yard you know. Let’s dive right in.

1. Salting to close to your tree.

Salting is a necessity especially around Buffalo, NY. However, trees that have been planted closer to the driveway, sidewalks, and streets are exposed to the salt we use to keep the ice away. This salt leaches into the root system of the tree often impacting its health.

2. Staking a tree too long.

Staking a new tree is very necessary to ensure the new root system can take hold. Lots of times around WNY we notice homeowners fail to remove the tree stakes; which if left on too long can cause drawbacks. They may fail to develop necessary stress wood to accommodate the wind or grow around the straps often girdling the tree. After one year it’s is a good time to remove them.

3. Trimming a tree in the wrong season.

Often Spring and Summer are the best times to trim your trees around Buffalo, NY. The tree is best at healing wounds keeping your trees health optimal. During the later fall and especially winter months, trees root systems are in development and don’t recover from serious tree trimming as easy.

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